About Us

Dark Window Studios is a small indie studio based in the UK. Here are a few paragraphs detailing who we are and what the hell we sit around doing!*


Matthew is the project lead and a programmer for Dark Window Studios. As a result, he is constantly blamed by everyone else in the studio for allegedly ruining their lives. He also does this gibberish:
protected static void S {
f = new System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary.BinaryFormatter();
f.Serialize("Hello World", C:\item.save);

After working for a few hours, Matthew likes to play games on Steam, play piano and obsess about Star Wars


Ed is the ideas designer and an environmental artist, writing up (hopefully) awesome concepts and hope that they’ll get implemented in one of our projects. At the moment he tries to write up one big idea per week but will polish up ideas from day to day. Outside of DWS he like to watch movies, go out with mates and read up on trading Car News. 


Jordan was roped into this mess by Matthew, a programmer at DWS. He has a decent – although debatable – track record of not screwing anything up too badly, and is community and media manager for the studio and its games. When he’s finished tweeting and blogging, he likes to sample some the many games in his Steam Arsenal and collect a variety of obscure vintage wristwatches.



* These paragraphs are the views of these individual people and do not represent Dark Window Studios or its affiliates.